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WEBELOS Activity Pins

banner1Not official yet, but we are using this banner for a while until we get some official art.  You are welcome to it as well.

Christi has worked up some preliminary sketches.  Click on them to see a larger version.  These are works in progress.  We can choose one, and bring in elements from the others, or have her work one up to completion.

Suggestions, comments, and feedback are welcome!  Look for William Hayden on facebook, friend me, and I'll add you to the Tshirt Committee group.  Or email me by clicking here.

TC12-1_thumbThis one would make for a much cooler shirt.  It would not be a solid panel of ink on the shirt.  A quality printer would be required though, because the registration on the base white  "flash" and the color on top of it would be critical.  Last year's shirt vendor would have botched this design.

TC12-2_thumbThe idea for this one came from Gray Owl WesternStar_thumbdistrict.  There's another version below.

Someone sent me the photo at right.  We might want to reconsider this design.  It's been done before.

TC12-3_thumbShe drew this one on paper that was bigger than our scanner.  The word "SAFARI" is across the bottom.

The idea here is a boy making his own fun.  His dog is dressed as a "lion", and the cat is orange and "tiger striped".

TC12-4_thumbAnother version of the idea submitted by Gray Owl.

TC12-5_thumbAnother design that would make for a cooler shirt.

It would also be a great banner across a web page or a flyer.  I agreed with one of the other directors that the main logo gets old after a while, and putting it on everything.